About Us

About Us

With Crossfit becoming more popular and media portraying it in many ways, we at Crossfit Crag separate ourselves from all others!

Our mission is to provide Marlborough and its surrounding area with top level fitness programming through excellent coaching, a premier facility, and a goal driven community!

We run CrossFit group classes and other specialty programs in order to help our members reach their fitness goals and above everything else live a better life! We are not your typical gym, the moment you walk in the door you will be greeted by your  friends and a fun environment that helps you get better every day.

Our Coaches

The Coaches at CrossFit Crag come from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of athletic experience. All  have one thing in common to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether it be athletic or just to simply live pain free and be able to lift up your children! Our coaches are there to help guide and motivate you on your fitness journey! We want one thing for all of our members no matter age of experience; to live a better life!