We Always Invite people to Come in and try a class for Free! Our free classes are on Tuesday’s at 730 am and Thursdays at 7 pm!

From there we have one introductory class where we learn basic movements of CrossFit so you can safely enter a class safely!

Introductory class is $99


CrossFit Crag Membership Options:

**All memberships auto-renew unless otherwise cancelled or changed

3 month:

199 per month/Unlimited

6 month:

179 per month/ Unlimited (Most popular)

12 Month:

154 per month/unlimited

***Police/Military/Fire/Students/Teacher  (save 20%)


We have a NO Surprises Membership Policy!  Please be sure to read the following membership terms and conditions below and contact us if there is anything you are unclear of before joining.

3 , 6 and 12 Month  Memberships (paid monthly)
Recurring Billing Cycle:  All CrossFit annual memberships are based on a 30 day recurring billing cycle.  Your first payment will occur once registration has been submitted and recurring charges will be processed every 30 days until membership cancellation is requested.
Default Billing: All members are required to keep an active credit card or bank account on file to be used for membership dues, retail purchases or default billing.
Early Cancellation: Annual Memberships may be cancelled by giving a 30 day written notice.  Late notices will result in continued billing until cancellation terms are met.
Early Cancellation Charge: Upon early cancellation you will be assessed a onetime charge in the amount of two months at your current monthly billing rate. (For example, you cancel your 12 month membership early, you will be charged a one time fee of  308$ (154 x 2)
Automatic Renewal:  Once annual membership term has expired you will be automatically renewed under the initial terms of your membership for a consecutive term until membership cancellation is requested.
Membership Holds: Memberships may be put on hold for a maximum of two billing cycles and may only be put on hold for extreme and unexpected circumstances (i.e Serious Illness).  A doctors note is required in order to place your membership on hold.
No Refunds: Once registration has been submitted or payment has been received there are no refunds under any circumstances.



CrossFit Kids

What is CrossFit Kids? The CrossFit Kids Training Material states that, “CrossFit Kids is composed of elements designed to reduce Exercise Deficit Disorder and poor lifestyle choices: laying foundational movement patterns, providing children with a portion of their prescribed amount of exercise for the week, improving muscular fitness, engineering endless opportunities for success, and discussing roles for food—all while keeping the class and its information fun and engaging.”

CrossFit Crag’s kids program is aimed at helping kids ages 5-15 with general physical preparedness. Our goal is to help kids stay fit all year long so that they can excel at any sport they try. We want to create well rounded athletes. Our classes will cover everything from foundational movements to nutrition so that kids can make the best choices for themselves. Our focus is on building kids up and teaching them how to do that for each other as well as fostering a healthy sense of competition.

Junior Varsity Cragletes (ages 5-9) $60 per month. JV Cragletes meet two times per week for thirty minute classes.

Varsity Cragletes (ages 9-15) $85 per month. Varsity Cragletes meet three times per week for forty-five minute classes.


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